The world’s future is in your hands. We’ll help you shape it.

PICHTR provides strategic expertise to innovative companies striving to create a stronger, more sustainable planet.

What we do for you

We facilitate government contracts

We take care of everything from accounting processes to financial systems to administrative procedures.

We turn ideas into products

We help entrepreneurs secure funding, develop technologies and bring those technologies to market.

We provide training and consulting

We facilitate valuable networking – introductions to government, business, academic and non-profit leaders.


Years of creating economic opportunities in Hawaii and across the Pacific


Raised to help Hawaii companies commercialize new technologies


Entrepreneurs, innovators and dreamers supported

Our fields of focus

Climate change adaptation

PICHTR's Climate Adaptation Collective project proactively tackles barriers to climate change adaptation by providing capacity building and advocacy to decision-makers and the general public.

Clean energy

PICHTR is helping Hawaii meet strict state government mandates to increase the use of clean energy.


The PICHTR staff has a wealth of expertise in the commercialization of new technologies, business development, technology investment, federal initiatives, and other related aspects of bringing new technologies to market.


PICHTR has supported numerous projects aimed at increasing accessibility to healthcare in Hawaii, and brining innovative healthcare solutions to market.

Disaster preparedness

The NDPTC, a core project at PICHTR, recently completed a large-scale, nationwide survey to understand concerns about, and gaps in, current disaster preparedness.

Resource conservation

PICHTR’s resource conservation work ranges from agriculture initiatives to endangered species protection to the maintenance of important cultural resources.