2020 PRiMO Conference

PICHTR was a Title Sponsor of the 2020 PRiMO Conference on “Building a Resilient Pacific” which brought together government, academia, and private sector stakeholders to strengthen collective action toward building resilience across the region. Pacific Islands are not only connected by our ocean geography, resources, and cultures but also by our shared risk of rising sea levels, hurricanes, and other risks that are being amplified by climate change. This conference provided participants the opportunity to reflect on our individual and collective ability to recover from and cope with recent impacts and to explore solutions to better prepare for future events in ways that leverage advances in science and technology and that reflect the culture and values of the Pacific.

As part of the 2020 PRiMO Conference PICHTR also co-hosted with PRiMO the “Storm & Disaster Preparedness Info Day”, which was unfortunately postponed due to COVID-19. This event was meant to draw the connection between climate change and more frequent and intense storms and to provide home and commercial building owners practical information so they could proactively prepare and protect themselves, their family, and property from future storms.

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