Climate Change Adaptation: A Lever for Economic Growth Post COVID-19

When human activity slowed down around the world due to COVID-19, so did global greenhouse gas emissions — making it abundantly clear that climate change is caused by human activity. With COVID-19 largely contained, Hawaii is slowly opening up its businesses and organizations and trying to jumpstart its economy. But what exactly awaits us? Better yet, how can we create a #betternormal that rebuilds Hawaii’s economy to be more diversified, stronger, more resilient and in-line with the demands of climate change that are already upon us and will only become more pervasive?

This webinar provides an overview of the status on climate change and its anticipated impacts on Hawaii. It also explores how together we can start to build our local community with climate change adaptation as a lever for economic growth! In doing so, we draw from the local Hawaii knowledge and experience as well as relevant examples from the City of North Miami, Florida, where climate change impacts are similar to those of Hawaii.

Presenters include:
– Chip Fletcher, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Professor, School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology, University of Hawaii at Manoa
– Linda Julien, Economic Development Manager, City of North Miami Florida
– Ed Sniffen, Highways Deputy Director, Hawaii Department of Transportation